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The Peoples Battle of the Bands – The Idea

So, this year’s AfroPunk Brooklyn Battle of the Bands has begun. Bands have submitted and the AfroPunk committee of Lords is deciding on the fate of aspiring punks from the east coast. Much love punks. Meshach is with you!!!

Anyway, I digress.

While we wait for the AfroPunk committee of Lords to make their first round draft picks, I’ve decided to host my own Battle of the Bands. But not just any Battle of the Bands, But a Battle of the Bands decided by the PEOPLE! And so there you have it. The PEOPLES Battle of the Bands – Brought to you be the People’s Republik of Brooklyn.

Vote Or Die!

Check the Game Schedule

Check the Current Scores and Rankings


The Peoples Battle of the Bands – The Brackets

The current score and ranking brackets. Peep the statistics!

Psalms for Mother – Mothers Day Project

Psalms for Mother
Exodus 20:12

Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God has given thee

Even God knows the importance of mother’s day.

I always dreamed of being successful enough to bless my mothers life the way she blessed mine. My mother was a single parent and like most children of struggle, the dream is to be able to buy your Mom the house and ideal life that seemed beyond reach for most of my life.

But, I feel blessed that while some times were hard, love and laughter were ever present in our home. It was my mother who taught me to laugh, dance, dream and reach into tomorrow. It is because of her that I persist and pursue. It is because of her that I see and believe.

I haven’t any houses or riches to give. But I have prayer and prose. With my words, I lift my mother up and give praise for all that she has poured into me and protected. I thank God for my mother and pray that she lives forever.

Hassan Farrow Sings for the Royal Giant Social Collective

It was the first performance of the Royal Giant Social Collective, and I didn’t know quite what to expect.

It was an experiment of sorts. A new approach to directing. I wanted to see what would happen if I put two musicians together and asked them to collaborate on a song. With out rehearsing. With out written music and having met each other just moments before the performance.

I only told them the intention and the spirit of the project. And asked that they be truthful to that intention. The result of the project is the above performance by Hassan Farrow and William Aronin.

The result, as you will see, is a stirring and brilliant performance of Wholy Holy. Special thanks to the production team at BRIC studios and our Host Chikori Dae.


Music is Mightier Than the Sword-1

Eight selections for your Black Lives Matter playlist…

There is a widely spread misconception that the Civil Rights Movement ended in the 60’s, however, this fight has never died. It has only laid dormant for decades and has been revived through what is now known as The Black Lives Matter Movement. The horrific injustices that people of color encounter in the US have reached yet another boiling point with the countless, unnecessary, and senseless deaths at the hands of law enforcement. Movements such as these have always been fueled by a spirit of perseverance and hope for positive change through the artistic medium of song. Artists like:

Janelle Monae (Hell You Talmbout’)

Tink (Tell the Children)

Strange Fruit (Class of 2013) – Jasiri X

Lauryn Hill (Black Rage)

Ceebo Tha Rapper
They Don’t Care About Us –
Fuck Tha Police –
Mr. Officer –

Tef Poe (War Cry)

Lil’ Herb (Fight or Flight)

J. Cole (Be Free)

These artists have masterfully crafted songs that express the emotions and feelings behind the movement and have proven that music are mightier than the sword. The music produced during these times have had a profound impact and Black Lives Matter and this is only the beginning…

The Land of 10,000 Streams

The last six months have been an awesome and inspiring journey of discovery and self-creation. I’ve been able to realize my dream of becoming a music artist slowly come to life before my eyes. A huge part of this journey of self-realization has been the community of souls that I have discovered on SoundCloud. Read more

Hello World :o)

So I’ve decided that I should make use of my blog space. I’m starting with the audacious goal of a daily blog post (thereby giving meaning to the blog title of “Daily Bread”). In these pages, I’ll be recording my daily thoughts, prayers and expressions of gratitude. I recording these happenings with the aim that the eventual product illustrate my world. I illustrate this world with the hope that the experience provide comfort to those who struggle and endure.

who is: meshach abednego

Meshach Abednego is a contemporary folk and gospel blues artist from Brooklyn, New York (where he lives with his wife and 3 year old son).

Meshach’s music fuses social themes with faith based lyrics and deep blues rhythms. Inspired by blues legends like Son House, Mississippi John Hurt, Mahalia Jackson and Shirley Ceasar – you can also hear influence from contemporary artists like Jack White and the Black Keys. Read more

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