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Music That is Mightier Than the Sword-21

There is a widely spread misconception that the Civil Rights Movement ended in the 60’s, however, this fight has never died.  It has only laid dormant for decades and has been revived through what is now known as The Black Lives Matter Movement.  The horrific injustices that people of color encounter in the US have reached yet another boiling point with the countless, unnecessary, and senseless deaths at the hands of law enforcement.


Movements such as these have always been fueled by a spirit of perseverance and hope for positive change through the artistic medium of song. Artists like:


  • Janelle Monae (Hell You Talmbout’)
  • Tink (Tell the Children)
  • Julie Polter (Strange Fruit)
  • Lauryn Hill (Black Rage)
  • Ceebo Tha Rapper (I Get Out, They Don’t Care About Us, Fuck Tha Police, Mr. Officer)
  • Tef Poe (War Cry)
  • Lil’ Herb (Fight or Flight)
  • Cole (Be Free)


have all  masterfully crafted songs that express the emotions and feelings behind the movement and have proven that music are mightier than the sword. The music produced during these times have had a profound impact and Black Lives Matter and this is only the beginning…

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