May 10, 2017 meshach001

Psalms for Mother – Mothers Day Project

Psalms for Mother
Exodus 20:12

Honour thy father and thy mother: that thy days may be long upon the land which the LORD thy God has given thee

Even God knows the importance of mother’s day.

I always dreamed of being successful enough to bless my mothers life the way she blessed mine. My mother was a single parent and like most children of struggle, the dream is to be able to buy your Mom the house and ideal life that seemed beyond reach for most of my life.

But, I feel blessed that while some times were hard, love and laughter were ever present in our home. It was my mother who taught me to laugh, dance, dream and reach into tomorrow. It is because of her that I persist and pursue. It is because of her that I see and believe.

I haven’t any houses or riches to give. But I have prayer and prose. With my words, I lift my mother up and give praise for all that she has poured into me and protected. I thank God for my mother and pray that she lives forever.