October 22, 2013 meshach001

The Royal Giant Collective Premieres Video News Journal

The Royal Giant Social Collective is a qualitative news project dedicated towards aggregating relevant and authentic social thought from across the globe. This February, we premiered ‘World News & Culture Report.’

The Royal Giant Collective (RGC) World News & Culture Report is actually a video news journal that curates highly informative social content from a collective of passionate voices.

It has been rightly said that justice refers to ‘giving to each what he or she is due.’ But in most cases all over the world, this isn’t the case. RGC video news journal would seek to promote a just society by challenging injustice and valuing diversity.

A spokesperson of the company commented thus; “We absolutely delighted about this upcoming premiere of our journal, and we know our audience would be pleased with what we offer too. Episodes would be aggregated from reports that are reflective of current events and cultural happenings, and they would be composed of segments from independent correspondents and aggregated user generated content.”

“Episodes would be distributed on the RGSC social media channels and local New York Public Access broadcast stations. Conclusively, it is noteworthy to mention that the content of the RGC World News & Culture Report would be mainly focused and targeted at issues of social justice and political activism” the spokesperson concluded.


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