February 6, 2015 meshach001

who is: meshach abednego

Meshach Abednego is a contemporary folk and gospel blues artist from Brooklyn, New York (where he lives with his wife and 3 year old son).

Meshach’s music fuses social themes with faith based lyrics and deep blues rhythms. Inspired by blues legends like Son House, Mississippi John Hurt, Mahalia Jackson and Shirley Ceasar – you can also hear influence from contemporary artists like Jack White and the Black Keys.


  • Father
  • Husband
  • Christian
  • Brooklynite/New Yorker
  • Jazz fan
  • African American
  • Son of black academics
  • Former homeless teen
  • Guitarist
  • ICB Member


  • Gospel Blues and Roots Music
  • The most important things about the music are the


  • Promote peace through spiritual and christian values
  • Address social issues
  • Provide comfort and promote global peace, love and kindness
  • To find new meaning in life since the birth of my son
  • Reborn in christ
  • The story of meshach, shed rack and abednego and its meaning


  • Spoken word poet.
  • Classical/jazz guitar style and background.
  • Learned blues structure for the sake of song writing


  • Currently playing in the New York area.
  • Planing a local/regional tour June 2015: NY Area
  • Planning International tour November 2015: London, Paris, Geneva, Johannesburg and Tokyo


  • India Arie
  • Tracy Chapman
  • Jack Johnson
  • Bob Dylan
  • Mahalia Jackson
  • Jack White
  • Black Keys